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Scuba diving on the wreck of the ex-HMAS Brisbane from Undersea Productions on Vimeo.

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The Ship: Commissioned into the Royal Australian Navy in 1967 the HMAS Brisbane was a 133 metre, Charles F Adams Class DDG, guided missile destroyer of approx 5000 tons. The HMAS BRISBANE served Australia faithfully for 34 years, till she was decommissioned in 2001. She served in both the Vietnam and Gulf wars and assisted on many humanitarian missions such as in Darwin in 1974 after cyclone Tracey.

Its New Life: In January 2003, the Queensland Government agreed to accept the decommissioned HMAS Brisbane from the Commonwealth Government for sinking off the Sunshine Coast as an artificial reef and dive site.

The Scuttling: After extensive and careful preparation, the ship was towed for its last journey to the Sunshine Coast. With the expertise of a crew who had extensive experience in scuttling ships for artificial reefs, explosives were carefully positioned in specially made wooden frames hard against the inside skin of the ship, below the waterline. On 31 July 2005 at a site 2.9 nautical miles east of Mudjumba Island off the Sunshine Coast these explosives were detonated and in 2 minutes and 10 seconds, the former HMAS BRISBANE was on the bottom in 28 metres of water. HMAS Brisbane being towed to her resting place.

bb1The Dive:
The HMAS Brisbane offers a great opportunity for advanced scuba diving courses, enriched air, wreck diving and photography courses. Discover how easy and safe it is to dive with Sunreef.
Sunreef has exclusive use of the two mid-ship moorings. This is the best possible position to start your dive as it makes for a very easy and relaxed dive. Make your descent to the Mag deck between the two funnels and then take a leisurely swim to the bow or stern. This allows for 2 relaxed dives that covers the whole wreck. No frantic rushed swim from one end to the other which is the case if diving from the other moorings.

The wreck now serves as a world-class artificial reef and diving site. She has attracted divers from all over the world. Divers from open water level, to divemaster, instructors, dive shop owners and ex servicemen who served on the HMAS BRISBANE all sing the praises of this great wreck dive; She seems to be in the perfect diving spot. Sitting bolt upright the HMAS Brisbane has 15 metres of water over her forward decks and 18 metres over her stern. Consistently good water clarity and minimal swell makes for great diving.

Just one dive on the HMAS Brisbane and you readily understand why Sunreef Dive is privileged to have been issued a licence by the Environment Protection Agency of the Queensland Government to conduct dive trips on the former HMAS Brisbane. The dive is phenomenal.

There is certainly a lot of ship to see. Just cruising around the outside, its sheer size makes it an awesome sight. Water temperatures range from 17C in winter to a summer high of 27C. Visibility averages around 15 metres but up to 20 metres or more is not uncommon.

bb2Scuba Diving on the HMAS Brisbane
Environmental studies commissioned by the Environmental Protection Agency and conducted by scientists from the University of the Sunshine Coast and Queensland Museum confirms the diversity of marine life that has made the Brisbane home.

A resident school of predatory yellow tailed king fish now ‘buzz’ the schools of of bait fish that surround the HMAS Brisbane. Local inhabitants include a large bull & eagle rays, angler fish, lion fish, blennies, nudibranchs, sea hares, squid and a school of juvenile red emperor and snapper. Other visitors include a shovelled nose rays, greasy cod and eagle rays. An octopus has made a home in a pyrotechnic tube on the deck. Up to 10 huge Queensland Grouper have been seen at one time off the bow of the ship. A turtle has taken up residency on the aft funnel and eagle rays cruise between the 2 funnels. There’s also a huge amount of soft corals to be seen and hard corals are really getting established as well.

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Sunreef Dive Centre runs morning trips daily (weather permitting) and regular afternoon and night dives to the Brisbane. Bookings are essential.
Charter only – $165.00
Double dive with tanks & weights – $185.00
Double dive with all scuba gear supplied (no torch) – $235

Sunreef wants you to have a Safe and Enjoyable dive so… plan dive button

To book a Sunreef dive requires a $155.00 deposit with the balance payable on the day of the dive. We will ask all divers to phone in for a weather check between 4-5p.m. the day prior to the dive. If the dive is cancelled due to poor weather conditions, then all monies will be refunded or transferred to another day: the choice is yours. Please read our cancellation policy.
Phone 61-7-54445656 email; dive@sunreef.com.au

Getting There:  Sunreef speeds you out to the Brisbane in what many are describing as the Southeast Queensland’s best ‘day’ dive boat – the purpose built 11 metre Kevla Cat we call 2 Ezy. One dive on 2 Ezy will show you what a comfortable and safe dive boat it is. This is a very stable catamaran hulled vessel with a full canopy, full toilet facility, 2 side doors and 1 rear door for easy entry to the water. Each has a full sized ladder that makes it easy and also very safe when exiting to water. There’s no dodging outboard motor legs in a bobbing sea.





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