PADI Advanced Freediver - Sunreef

PADI Advanced Freediver Course

PADI Advanced Freediver Course

Duration: Two days, excluding independent study

Meeting point: Sunreef at The Wharf, Mooloolaba

Price: $629 including boat charter and PADI Touch eLearning

If you need to hire gear, please see our booking form for more information.

Photo credit: Adam Sellars @pressureproject

What you can expect

This is a two-day course that will help in fulfilling that personal need to improve your freediving skills. You can progress at a slow and steady pace, and better learn how your body performs during apnoea. eLearning from PADI Touch will be assigned to you to complete as theory prior to course commencement. You will then come in to start with a confined water (pool) on the first day, and in open water on the Ex-HMAS Brisbane on the second day.

Check in at Sunreef starts at the time outlined on your confirmation email or text.

Day 1

Half day theory: We will start the day with theory in the classroom, go over any questions you may have from the eLearning portion of your course. You will learn stretching and relaxation techniques before heading to the pool.

Half day confined water: At the pool, you will practice static and dynamic apnoea skills to refine your technique. Goal: Static apnoea of 2 minutes 30 seconds (2 minutes for freedivers younger than 18); Dynamic apnoea of 50 metres (40 metres for freedivers younger than 18).

Day 2

On departure to the Ex-HMAS Brisbane, your Instructor will provide a thorough briefing about what skills you will be practicing for the day, and about the Ex-HMAS Brisbane site. We will do our best to answer any questions you may have about the day. Once the boat exits the calm waters of the Mooloolaba River system, it is around a 15 minute ride to the site. The vessel will be moored and our crew will help you set up to get in the water.

The first dive will practice the technique for diving down the line and on the buoy. Your second dive will be a cross between line diving and fun diving on the Ex-HMAS Brisbane.

Between dives, we will come up for a half hour surface interval where you are provided snacks and water. Feel free to bring along your own snacks if you have allergies or would like more substantial food.

You will practice open water techniques including free immersion, constant weight freediving, with additional safe buddy procedures and rescue techniques. Goal: Constant weight freedive of 20 metres (15 metres for freedivers younger than 18). 

Freediving equipment

You will be required to have a freediving mask, snorkel, bi-fins, wetsuit and a weightbelt. Your instructor may allow you to use a monofin. 

You will also need a surface signaling device and a freediving computer or depth gauge – these are not required but recommended if possible to obtain.

For equipment, it isn’t just a case of buying the “best” gear on the market – it’s a matter of choosing the best freediving gear for you. You will need something that fits your needs, your body, and will help you reach your goals. 

Sunreef carries a wide range of brands from Australian Underwater Products as well as ScubaPro. The professionals at Sunreef will give you personalised advice on how to choose a mask, snorkel, fins, wetsuit, weight system, and even computer for you. We have products that are specifically designed for freediving, and we will help you find equipment that matches your preferences and budget.

Photo credit: Adam Sellars @pressureproject

Student Divers please read the following

To enroll in a PADI Advanced Freediver course you must be 15 years old or older. You need adequate swimming skills and need to be in good physical health. No prior experience with snorkeling, skin diving or freediving is required. You must provide your own equipment.

Prerequisite: PADI Freediver or equivalent.

Required forms: Each diver must complete a Sunreef PADI Freediver/Snorkeler Waiver before starting this course with us. This will be sent out to you with your booking confirmation. You may be required to also complete a dive medical prior to your course, please ensure you check over the forms sent to you on booking to check if the dive medical will be needed.

Course confirmations: The course dive will depend on the sea conditions and weather. We will monitor this closely and if the weather or sea conditions are unsuitable, we will let you know as soon as we can. We will send out an email and text message the day before your trip around 3:30 pm to inform you of the status of the trip and its departure time.

Seasickness and equalization: If you find yourself dealing with seasickness or being unable to equalize, our crew will look after you and ensure you are comfortable and safe. However, as this is not something in our control we will not issue any rebookings or refunds for inability to equalize or being seasick and not completing dives. We suggest you consider seasickness tablets to minimize the risk of seasickness affecting your trip.

Parking: The Wharf complex has 4 hour parking available, however you will need to find suitable parking for the tour you are on as some of our trips will be over 4 hours. There are some unlimited parking spaces available outside of The Wharf Mooloolaba / SEA Life car park, however please keep in mind especially if you are on an 11:30 am or later trip that parking can get very busy. Please give yourself at least 15-20 minutes for parking. You can find a parking map of The Wharf Mooloolaba here.

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