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Nudibranch Dive with Sunreef

Nudibranch Dive

Educational Nudibranch specialty dive on Sunshine Coast Reef with world renowned nudibranch expert gary Cobb.

Photo credit: Gary Cobb

About the Event

Here on  the Sunshine Coast, we are home to the most biodiverse population of nudibranchs in the world. This is a monthly event to learn more about nudibranchs – some of the ocean’s most colourful and bizzare little animals.

There’s nothing like these colourful hermaphrodites – and there are over 3,000 species. Nudibranchs are animals that have their lungs exposed, some are transparent, some are solar-powered, and we are discovering more about them every day.

The dives will be led by nudibranch expert Gary Cobb who, has dedicated years of research into identifying and recording information on nudibranchs on the Sunshine Coast. 

Photographers, naturalists, nudibranch enthusiasts and first-timers are all welcome to join the fun!

These animals can make for the perfect macro subject, as they are relatively slow moving, have so much colourful contrast, and are very interesting to watch.

Photo credit: Gary Cobb

What you can expect

Check in at Sunreef starts at the time outlined on your confirmation email or text. When you arrive, we will see you at our check in desk and ensure that your gear is organized. If you bring your own gear, our crew can carry it down to the dock where you can set up the gear. If we know you are hiring gear, everything will be organized for you prior to check in. 

On departure to the location, our nudibranch expert for the day will explain which species we are expected to see on the dive, which will be a bit of a treasure hunt. Sometimes we may even get a few surprises. The dive site for the day will be depending on the day’s weather and sea conditions, and recent sightings, as we always do what we can to give our guests the best experience. as we always try to give you the best experience. Once the boat exits the calm waters of the Mooloolaba River system, it is around a 15 minute ride to the site. The vessel will be moored and our crew will help you set up to get in the water.

Each dive is planned to last for either 50 minutes or will end to have you on the surface with 50 bar (whichever one comes first). Divers please note that during this dive  you may be stationary for long periods of time, please dress accordingly to ensure you are comfortable with your body temperature.

We will then resurface for a surface interval before the second dive. We encourage you to ask any questions you may have to our nudibranch experts before your second dive. Occasionally, our experts may even gather organisms to bring to the surface for us to examine, before bringing them back down on the second dive.

The divers then return to the shop, where we will unload the vessel and wash all your gear for you if you so wish. 

There will be a post-dive debrief, where our nudibranch experts will give a presentation about the nudi world. Each month brings a new presentation with different focuses. Our past presentations included monstrous nudibranchs, hard to find nudibranchs, and rare nudibranchs of the Sunshine Coast.

Read more about the Local Reefs sites.

Divers please read the following

Trip confirmations: As with all our dives, your confirmation of the trip will depend on the sea conditions and weather. We will monitor this closely and if the weather or sea conditions are unsuitable, we will let you know as soon as we can. We will send out an email and text message the day before your trip around 3:30 pm to inform you of the status of the trip and its departure time.

If you have not dived in the last 2 years or more: You will be required to complete either a Scuba Review/Refresher Course or a Reactivate Course before you can participate in any diving activities. We will be able to arrange these courses for you on most days at set times. Please contact us on +61 7 5444 5656 for more information.

Seasickness and equalization: If you find yourself dealing with seasickness or being unable to equalize, our crew will look after you and ensure you are comfortable and safe. However, as this is not something in our control we will not issue any rebookings or refunds for inability to equalize or being seasick and not completing dives. We suggest you consider seasickness tablets to minimize the risk of seasickness affecting your trip. We will attempt where possible to help you equalize as we descend however we are responsible for the safety of all members of our groups therefore if we cannot in sufficient time and with the safety of the other divers help you descend we will take you back to the surface and you will be unable to complete that dive, we will however where possible take you back in on the second dive and help you try again.


If you have all your own equipment, please remember that for the Local Reef nudibranch dives, you must have a snorkel, computer, SMB, and a whistle. If the nudibranch trip is on the Ex-HMAS Brisbane, you will need to have a torch in order to penetrate the wreck. These items are required along with the rest of your scuba equipment (BCD, tanks, weights regulators, mask, snorkel, fins, wet suit, gloves).

If you don’t have all your equipment, all of the above required items are available for purchase or hire from our shop along with the rest of the necessary scuba equipment (BCD, tanks, weights regulators, mask, snorkel, fins, wet suit, gloves).

Diver Statement: Each diver must complete a Sunreef Diver Statement before diving with us. This will be sent out to you with your booking confirmation. If any of the medical questions on your Diver Statement or at check in are answered ‘YES’, a doctor’s clearance may be required before you can dive with us. If a doctor’s clearance is required and cannot be produced on the day of your dive, the cancellation policies on our Terms and Conditions will apply.

Parking: The Wharf complex has 4 hour parking available, however you will need to find suitable parking for the tour you are on as some of our trips will be over 4 hours. There are some unlimited parking spaces available outside of The Wharf Mooloolaba / SEA Life car park, however please keep in mind especially if you are on an 11:30 am or later trip that parking can get very busy. Please give yourself at least 15-20 minutes for parking. You can find a parking map of The Wharf Mooloolaba here.