Celebrate Humpback Whales Return - Welcome With Sunreef

Whale welcoming 

The annual celebration of the returning humpback whales migration to the sunshine coast, QLD

Date for event 10th June

Whale Welcoming: Humpback whale season start 2023

when: Saturday 10th of June at 10am

Where: The Wharf Mooloolaba

What: Live radio broadcast from Hot 91 fm, prizes & giveaways, kids’ face painting, and live music


The 2023 Whale Watching Season is here and we’re celebrating with a FREE EVENT at The Wharf Mooloolaba at 10 am this Saturday the 10th of June. 

The Whale Welcoming event will kick off with a traditional welcoming and storytelling by internationally acclaimed Gubbi Gubbi artist Lyndon Davis.
Hot 91 FM will then announce the official start to Whale season with a live broadcast from the Wharf Mooloolaba where fun activities like kids face painting will be happening between 10am and 1pm. Sealife Sunshine Coast Aquarium have free entry for kids all day and Whale One has kids go free with all bookings made on the 10th for travel anytime in June. 

It’s not all about the kids though. Adults can enjoy the new Whale Ale by Blackflag Brewing which will be available at the Dock Mooloolaba as well as other participating venues through out Mooloolaba. 

Since the dawn of time Humpback Whales have been migrating between Antartica and the East Coast of Australia. The Sunshine Coast forms a major part of their migration stops with over 160 Nautical Miles of coast between Cape Moreton and Double Island Point creating a santuary for Humpback Whales to mate and give birth to their young. Between June and October up to 40,000 humpback whales will pass The Sunshine Coast and we think that’s worth celebrating!

The Sunshine Coast community has forged an unbreakable bond with the magnificent humpback whales. With every passing year, as these majestic creatures grace their shores, the Sunshine Coast community opens its arms wide in an outpouring of love and admiration. From the smallest child to the oldest resident, the people here have developed a profound connection with these gentle giants. The Whale Welcoming is to celebrate the arrival of the humpbacks with joyous anticipation, embracing their presence as a symbol of the region’s commitment to marine conservation and the preservation of our planet’s natural wonders. Through education, sustainable practices, and a shared sense of wonder, the Sunshine Coast community has created a haven where humpback whales are welcomed, cherished, and protected for generations to come. 


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