Sunreef Night Dives - Dive into World of Nighttime Wonder

Night Dives with Sunreef

Night Dives with Sunreef

Whether you have done night dives before or if this will be your first, we are positive you’ll resurface feeling captivated by the nocturnal marine life of the Sunshine Coast. Entering the dark waters is a fascinating blend of both a relaxing and exhilarating feeling. Together, you and our Sunreef guides will explore the depths at night together. Your torch will allow you to experience animals that are unique to the nocturnal lifestyle.

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Fluoro / UV Night Dives are unique dives that can make even the most experienced divers resurface with the same astonishment they had after their very first dives. See marine life light up with unexpected colours in unexpected places.

The Halloween Night Dive is a special Fluoro Dive on the Ex-HMAS Brisbane! UV torch is included.

Ex-HMAS Brisbane Night Dive

Local Reefs Night Dive

Ex-HMAS Brisbane Arvo-Night Double Dive

Fluoro / UV Night Dive (Reefs)

More about the night dives we offer

If you book on for a Fluoro/UV Dive, the ultraviolet light we provide you will light up marine life with unexpected colours in very unexpected places. There are so many sea animals that have the ability to light up with bioluminescence that we can only see with a UV light. With a UV light, corals may glow with a bright florescence that you otherwise would be unable to detect. Fluorescence night diving is like finding a hidden treasure. Visibility is slightly more limited than with your normal flashlight, but the world around you will be glowing. You’ll most likely need your buoyancy skills to kick in, as you can expect to be moving at a slow pace, or even hovering for most of the dive.

Night dives at Sunreef are regularly scheduled for nearly every Saturday night. Since the nature of this dive requires particularly good conditions to go ahead, we have always had an absolutely beautiful evening out at our local sites. We run these dive trips on the Ex-HMAS Brisbane and the reefs around the Sunshine Coast.

Local inhabitants on Sunshine Coast night dives

Some animals we see become more active on these dives are octopus and eels, lobsters and crayfish, turtles and rays. Fish we see during the day sometimes change their colours to camouflage with the environment while they sleep.

See our Ex-HMAS Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast Local Reefs dive pages for information on what you could expect for the underwater landscapes.

Divers please read the following

Trip confirmations: As with all our dives, your confirmation of the trip will depend on the sea conditions and weather. We will monitor this closely and if the weather or sea conditions are unsuitable, we will let you know as soon as we can. We will send out an email and text message the day before your trip around 3:30 pm to inform you of the status of the trip and its departure time. If you do not receive the text message and email you must call us on +61 7 5444 5656 we will not call you to confirm receipt of the messages. 

If you have not dived in the last 2 years or more: You will be required to complete either a Scuba Review/Refresher Course or a Reactivate Course before you can participate in any diving activities. We will be able to arrange these courses for you on most days at set times. Please contact us on +61 7 5444 5656 for more information.

Seasickness and equalization: If you find yourself dealing with seasickness or being unable to equalize, our crew will look after you and ensure you are comfortable and safe. However, as this is not something in our control we will not issue any rebookings or refunds for inablity to equalize or being seasick and not completing dives. We suggest you consider seasickness tablets to minimize the risk of seasickness affecting your trip. We will attempt where possible to help you equalize as we descend however we are responsible for the safety of all members of our groups therefore if we cannot in sufficient time and with the safety of the other divers help you descend we will take you back to the surface and you will be unable to complete that dive, we will however where possible take you back in on the second dive and help you try again.


If you have all your own equipment, please remember that to dive any of these sites at night, you must have a snorkel, computer, SMB, a whistle and two white light torches. If you are booked on for our Fluoro/UV Dive, you will be required to carry two white light torches as well as your UV torch. These items are required along with the rest of your scuba equipment (BCD, tanks, weights regulators, mask, snorkel, fins, wet suit, gloves).

If you don’t have all your equipment, all of the above required items are available for purchase or hire from our shop along with the rest of the necessary scuba equipment (BCD, tanks, weights regulators, mask, snorkel, fins, wet suit, gloves).

Diver Statement: Each diver must complete a Sunreef Diver Statement before diving with us. This will be sent out to you with your booking confirmation. If any of the medical questions on your Diver Statement or at check in are answered ‘YES’, a doctor’s clearance may be required before you can dive with us. If a doctor’s clearance is required and cannot be produced on the day of your dive, the cancellation policies on our Terms and Conditions will apply.

Parking: The Wharf complex has 4 hour parking available, however you will need to find suitable parking for the tour you are on as some of our trips will be over 4 hours. There are some unlimited parking spaces available outside of The Wharf Mooloolaba / SEA Life car park, however please keep in mind especially if you are on an 11:30 am or later trip that parking can get very busy. Please give yourself at least 15-20 minutes for parking. You can find a parking map of The Wharf Mooloolaba here.

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